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Having Fun While Staying Safe

October 28, 2012

All the necessary preparations have been completed. You happily see you have plenty of water on hand, snacks, more un-perishable food then you think you need, flashlights (you get the picture)…and the storm hits!!! Power goes out and everyone panics at the lack of TV.


While we don’t want to downplay the significant danger a storm may posses, we also would like to point out that it is still possible to be safe and have fun. Would you like some game ideas? GREAT!

Idea # 1 Hide n’ Seek.

It’s a traditional game for a reason, because it has stood the test of time. Now if we want to amp it up a bit for the storm; turn off all of the lights and play by the lightening or that dim stormy light that is great mood lighting for this game. Don’t be afraid to mix up this game.

#2 Indoor volleyball

Because we don’t want to break the trillion dollar antique vase or other valuables in the home this is a slightly altered version save the house. Everyone gets down on their hands and knees but with their bellies facing up. They then kick the ball between the two sides with their feet-it is a lot harder then you think! Set up the dividing line however you want.

#3 Treasure hunt

Create a list of objects in your house for the child to find. Have them race against the clock to find these items. We would like to encourage you to include silly or unusual items on the list as well.

#4 Ghosts in the Graveyard

Any volunteers to be the ‘watcher’? Great now everyone else is a ‘ghost’. The whole point of this game is to sneak up on the watcher. The ghosts sneak up on the watcher by moving when his/her eyes are closed or they glance the other direction. If the ghost is caught moving they must return to their ‘grave’ or are out.

#5 The James Bond

This was a unique idea we ran across earlier and all ages love it. Grab some string and alternating between two walls (the walls of a hallway are superb for this) string it back and forth, also going up and down. Now pretend those are lasers and you are the dashing secret agent that must get through without touching them.

#6 Build a fort

Anything can be used to build a fort. Chairs and blankets are the best, but your resourcefulness and your child’s will be put to the test! Once you create the fort it is the ideal place to do some reading (we love to see kids read) or even have a mini in-house sleepover.

More: There is always charades, twister, card/bored games, and many other games to play.

With these great games what child would worry about a storm? We don’t want the kids worried, so pull one of these games out and take their minds off the gloomy outdoors.

Stay safe and have fun!

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