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Strange Sport of the Week: CTFL

December 13, 2011

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, we are waist deep in our living rooms with bows, rolls of invisible tape (and you can never seem to find it), wrapping paper scraps, and we’re faced with the age old question: what on earth do I do with all of these bare cardboard tubes from my wrapping paper? So, maybe you haven’t always asked yourself that question, but we have an answer for you, nonetheless.

KB’s strange sport of the week: Holiday Edition – Cardboard Tube Fighting (sanctioned by the Cardboard Tube Fighting League or CTFL)

The CTFL was started in Seattle, Washington, but it now holds tournaments in Sydney, Australia, San Francisco, and London.

Here’s how it works:

1) Don’t break your tube. In a duel, the last person with an unbroken tube is the winner. In the event that both participants break their tubes at the same time, both duelists are considered losers. A tube is considered broken when it is held horizontal and the tip drops to an angle greater than 45 degrees or it is completely detached from the rest of the tube.
2) Attacking until the other combatant is knocked out, or dead. No stabbing. No weapons.
3) No stabbing. Lunges involving tubes are not allowed under any circumstances. Participants who exhibit this behavior will be ejected from the event.
4) Do not attack the opponent’s face. Hitting the face is heavily frowned upon and can force ejection from the event.
5) Once a tube is broken, fighting must cease.
6) Only official CTFL tubes are allowed. These tubes are provided at the events. (We’re still trying to figure out what makes them ‘official’, too)
7) No blocking of opponent’s tube other than with your own tubes
8 ) Tubes must always be held near the end. Participants may switch ends as they see fit. Holding tubes in the middle is illegal.
9) Shields are banned from tournaments

The League’s number one philosophy is” Don’t take yourself too seriously (trust us, we won’t).


KB’s #1 Favorite Game

December 5, 2011

Anything with a Rody!

Come check out our GRAND OPENING today in Davis Square and see what fun games you can play with a Rody!

#4 KB FavoriteGame: Stealing Sticks

December 1, 2011

How much fun can you have with 12 sticks you find on the ground? A lot more than you originally would have after you read this post!

Stealing sticks was originally a game thought up by Native Americans. They would hide sticks in trees, and all over the woods, and this game could go on for days. Fortunately for you, KB has a shorter version.

Setting Up the Game: This is a game for a larger group of kids, 8 and up about. Split them into two even teams. Tell the teams to each find 6 sticks, bigger than twigs, but make sure they’re not bringing back tree branches, either! Designate the boundaries, with a mid-field line. The bigger the field, the more difficult. This game is great to play at a park that has varied terrain. Tell each team to lay their 6 sticks in a strategic position on their side of the field

Playing the Game: This game is a lot like capture the flag. There’s a jail, and guards. The guards (pick 2 to start out, but determine how many you need based on the size of the field and the number of players) will keep watch over their sticks, and try to tag anyone that tries to steal them. If tagged, the player must return the stick to the appropriate side and then go to the designated jail area. That player can old be freed if a member of their team tags them. The game will continue on until one side has all twelve sticks. So, even if the “red” team has 8 sticks and the “blue” team has 4, the “blue” team can still come back, unlike capture the flag, where the game ends when one team gets the opponents one and only flag.

Additions to the game: If you want, you can add “safe zones”, designated by a hula hoop or cones (or a tree) on the playing field if too many kids are being tagged before they can reach their side.

Now, don’t you see how fun 12 sticks can be!

#5 KB Favorite Game: Guards

November 30, 2011

What can you do with a bucket of tennis balls and some hula hoops? A lot of things, actually. But one of our favorite things to do with them here at KB is to play the game Guards.

Setting up the game: Each player gets a hula hoop, and you lay them in a circle, the diameter can change depending on how difficult you want the game to be, or the age of the players. You will then mark off the center of the circle, preferably big enough so that someone cannot easily touch both sides at any point. Dump all the tennis balls, lets call them jewels, (as many as you can possibly find, the more the better) in the center of that marked off circle.

Playing the game: Pick three guards (or you determine how many based on the age of the players and the size of the circle). One will stand in the center guarding all the balls, the other two will run between the center circle and the outer circle of hula hoops (remember the one you set up at the very beginning of the game?). The rest of the players will attempt to steal one jewel at a time and bring it back to their hula hoop. If they are tagged by the guards, they must return the jewel back to the center, return back to their hula hoop, and then they can try again.

This game is great for kids, ages 6 and up, and adults!

Strange Sport of the Week: Toe Wrestling

November 29, 2011

Have you ever felt like arm wresting was just too easy, and maybe a little too boring? Well then, have we got a sport for you.

next time you’re hankering for some appendage-filled feats of strength (no pun intended), try our newest strange sport of the week: toe wrestling.

It’s a lot like arm wrestling, only, of course, the players use their feet instead of their arms. It took us a while to understand the dynamics of this sport, but they go a little something like this: Players must link toes and each players feet must touch flat on the other’s. Typically, after a short starting chant which varies by region (for example, “one, two, three, four, I declare a toe war.”), the opponents proceed to attempt to pin their opponent’s feet for three seconds, while avoiding the same. Pinning is accomplished by placing one foot on the same foot of the opponent.

And that’s about all there is too it. But of course, our favorite rule of toe wrestling here at KB, is that is is customary for each player to remove their opponents shoes and socks before a match.

So before you try any toe wrestling, make sure you stock up on that Gold Bond powder!

Happy Eating!

November 22, 2011

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I checked out’s feel-good foods for some tips on how to get the most out of the foods I eat. Of course, feel free to get really crazy for Thanksgiving and get that second helping of stuffing and broccoli casserole, look at this as a way to get back on track November 25th.

So, what should you eat when your feeling down, because the last piece of cherry pie is finally gone? Try eating a lemon, some yogurt, dark chocolate, or salmon (not all at once!). Now before you go and eat a whole lemon, suggests that to get this fix, you can try lemon scented oils or air fresheners around the home, or to add a little lemon to other foods for a boost of antioxidants.

Check out’s full list of mood-boosting foods here.

What about if you’re looking to save some money, and you’re trying to eat healthy? Well, you can still eat healthy without the expense of organic produce. also has suggestions for the best non-organic produce (read all about it right here!). Onions, avocados, pineapple, and mangos are at the top of the list.

Keep it here to the KB Blog all through the holidays to find tips on how to stay active and eat healthy, even when the weather gets cold and the food gets…really, really good!

Deck the halls with…Tissues?

November 14, 2011

It’s that time of the year again. No, not Christmas time. It’s the holiday’s unwelcome cousin, the flu. That’s right, flu season is upon us. But before you deck the halls with cough medicine and boxes of tissues, check out’s tips on how to keep your child (and you!) healthy during the flu season.

They remind you to practice your own cold and flu hygiene, so your children can follow your lead. Make sure you wash your hands – throughout the day! Teach your children to cough into their elbow, and to always wash their hands after coughing or sneezing into them.

Kaboose also lets us know that, the healthier we are, the better we can fight off that pesky flu. So start off strong, eat healthy, and build up that immune system. Serve foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, tomatoes and red peppers – and make sure to get a full night’s sleep.

Check out their helpful cold and flu home-care checklist, do you have everything? This list include’s everything from chicken soup to vapor rub. Stock up!