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KB New Years Resolutions

January 2, 2012

Hey Knuckleheads!

So, you’ve renewed your gym membership and thrown out all of that junk food in the house – maybe even polished off the last of the holiday cookies – all for that favorite New Years resloution: live healthier, exercise more.

But exercising can be a real pain if you aren’t enjoying yourself. So try exercising the KB way this year. Do what you love! If you don’t like running – don’t run! Try biking or rollerblading or hiking (or even hopping a mile on a Rody, that’s sure to give your quads a workout).

Maybe even get involved in a team sport. Check at that gym you just joined, maybe you’ll find your talent in basketball, or water polo. See what activities you can find around town – take an aerobics class at the Rec. center, or try your hand at Yoga (its ok, contortionist experience: not (always) required)

Whatever it is, make sure you’re having fun. You won’t get 100% out of your workout if you’re not committed, and how can you commit to something that you dread! So start exploring and find out what makes you excited to get up and play.

LIve healthier, exercise more, and enjoy ever second of it. That’s the KB new years resolution!

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