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Strange Sport of the Week: CTFL

December 13, 2011

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, we are waist deep in our living rooms with bows, rolls of invisible tape (and you can never seem to find it), wrapping paper scraps, and we’re faced with the age old question: what on earth do I do with all of these bare cardboard tubes from my wrapping paper? So, maybe you haven’t always asked yourself that question, but we have an answer for you, nonetheless.

KB’s strange sport of the week: Holiday Edition – Cardboard Tube Fighting (sanctioned by the Cardboard Tube Fighting League or CTFL)

The CTFL was started in Seattle, Washington, but it now holds tournaments in Sydney, Australia, San Francisco, and London.

Here’s how it works:

1) Don’t break your tube. In a duel, the last person with an unbroken tube is the winner. In the event that both participants break their tubes at the same time, both duelists are considered losers. A tube is considered broken when it is held horizontal and the tip drops to an angle greater than 45 degrees or it is completely detached from the rest of the tube.
2) Attacking until the other combatant is knocked out, or dead. No stabbing. No weapons.
3) No stabbing. Lunges involving tubes are not allowed under any circumstances. Participants who exhibit this behavior will be ejected from the event.
4) Do not attack the opponent’s face. Hitting the face is heavily frowned upon and can force ejection from the event.
5) Once a tube is broken, fighting must cease.
6) Only official CTFL tubes are allowed. These tubes are provided at the events. (We’re still trying to figure out what makes them ‘official’, too)
7) No blocking of opponent’s tube other than with your own tubes
8 ) Tubes must always be held near the end. Participants may switch ends as they see fit. Holding tubes in the middle is illegal.
9) Shields are banned from tournaments

The League’s number one philosophy is” Don’t take yourself too seriously (trust us, we won’t).

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