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Keeping Your Kids Active…and Happy

September 23, 2011

It’s not uncommon to enroll your child in baseball, soccer, or gymnastics. But just like your seemingly ever-changing child, the amount of exercise needed to keep him or her healthy is always changing too. Obviously, the older they get, the more your child should be exercising, but how much is too much? Or when isn’t it enough?’s Shara Aaron and Christine M. Porretta look at how much exercises your tweens should be getting in this article.

Knuckle Bones advocates for many of the point in this article, particularly encouraging persistence in all of your child’s activities. While they may not start off as a home run hitter, don’t let your child quit because they don’t pick it up right away. Persistence and hard work will build great character and work ethic on and off the field.

While we all know how busy both you and your child are these days, it gets hard to find time to make time to play. The opposite is true too. Don’t over schedule your kids! Make sure their sport or activity are highlights in their day. If they’re too busy – too scheduled, these activities will loose all of their sparkle, you might even find your kid begging for homework (ok, maybe an exaggeration). Regardless, make sure these sports and activities are positive experiences. I know that sounds like a give-in, but there is a fine line between pushing to be better and pushing too hard. Encourage your children to stick with it, but keep and eye out for unhappy kids.

Of course, the best way to keep your child happy an active is to help them find a sport they love and are willing to work through the tough days for. Once you find that, its smooth sailing from there.

You can read Aaron and Poretta’s other articles focusing on Preschoolers and Activity or Grade Schoolers and Activity.

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