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KB: The Original Pop-Up Playground

August 26, 2011

The New York Times recently published an article about the successful experimentation of “pop-up playgrounds” in New York City. Basically, last year, over a span of two months, seven civic coalitions in NYC closed certain streets to traffic and designated them as play spaces. The brains behind this project, not unlike the thinkers at Knucklebones, aimed to engage kids of all ages in athletic activity. By shutting down the streets, these kids could see what used to be a no-play zone as a place for all types of games. This initiative helped increase the activity of these areas where the children had become accustomed to staying inside instead of getting outside. (Read the article here)

Knucklebones is a strong supporter of this type of project, since, well, it is our project too! Maybe we haven’t shut down the streets of NYC just yet, but we’re been creating playgrounds out of nothing for years. It is wonderful to see this active mentality spreading beyond just our company and watching the ingenuity take shape.

While the public heath issue may not be fixed as quickly as these playgrounds pop-up, thinkers like those in New York and us at Knucklebones are certainly heading us in the right direction. Just don’t forget, and empty space is never just an empty space, it is always a playground. So get playing!

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