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Under the Sea

August 8, 2011

We’re pretty open to trying new sports and Knucklebones. Rody Polo, Quidditch, Rody Quidditch. Mostly things with Rodys (For any of you unfamiliar with the Rody, see here. For any of you looking to play with a Rody, ask here:

Anyway, I think I’ve found a sport that might even be a little too crazy for us. Or perhaps, might be played at our next team meeting. I now introduce: underwater hockey.

Players (equipped with snorkels) use handheld sticks to try to score a lead puck into the opposing team’s goal.

What’s even better than the simple fact that this sport exists all together, is that there is in fact a sanctioned Nationals. Check out the Underwater Society and learn how to play.

Who knows, maybe Knucklebones will be hosting some Underwater Hockey Tournaments in the Boston Area next summer. If only the Charles River weren’t so murky.

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