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Why Exercise Makes You Smarter

February 14, 2011

Been crunching your core since our last post? The previous week we showed you why core strength and fitness is necessary for healthy brain function later in life. However, sometimes we choose to ignore long-term consequences in favor of short-term reward. Well, here is a bit more motivation to stay or get in shape for all you procrastinators that will benefit you immediately. A recent study has shown that regular exercise actually increases performance on goal-oriented tasks. Children who exercised regularly showed increased fMRI activity in the prefrontal cortex when compared to sedentary children, and animal studies have shown increased growth factor levels in the brain that can lead to increased vasculature and neurogenesis after exercise. For those of you who read the last sentence as “blah blah blah, blah blargh blah,” I’ll break it down for you: exercise= increased brain function, so shut your computer and go enjoy this 40˚ day in the great city of Boston!


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