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Six Packs and Amyloid Plaques

February 4, 2011

Everyone has her or his own unique motivations for working out. Next time you’re at the gym, bored on the treadmill and tired of your old playlist, play a game. Look around the room and construct a story for those sweating strangers nearest your never-ending sidewalk. That woman on the elliptical? She just came from her high powered executive job and is trying to burn off a strawberry frosted donut she had at the board meeting. The guy checking himself out in the mirror while doing bicep curls? He’s keeping the guns shined for the ladies. That pack of loud twenty-something year olds doing circuits in the corner? Probably a rugby team. We all hit the gym for different reasons, but here’s a new one. After you finish your forty-minute run, more amused than normal because of your newfound game, do a ten-minute abdomen workout. No, not because bikini season is rapidly approaching or because crunches are particularly enjoyable, but for another motive entirely: your brain.

Studies now show that stomach fat may actually increase your risks for dementia later in life. In fact, carrying that spare tire around your waist actually makes you three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Visceral stomach fat can be a nuisance to loose; so regular abdomen workouts are a must. One hundred crunches a night could stand in the way of those pesky amyloid plaques.


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  1. jess permalink
    February 4, 2011 10:06 pm

    hell yeah they’re probably a rugby team.

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