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Frigid-Friendly Fitness

January 24, 2011

Finding fun fitness activities in the summer is easy: run outside, kayak on the Charles, or play soccer in the park. However, what do you do when it is -10˚ F outside? Run, or should I say skate, on the sidewalks covered in 2 inches of ice? Go to the gym with the thousands of other new members working on their New Years resolution? It’s thoughts like these that make the dead of winter the hardest time to get in shape.

Here are our top 5 ways to get in some exercise until it’s above freezing again.

5) Shovel your neighbor’s walk. Work on your arms and back while scoring some brownie points.

4) Snow football. Put on your warmest, waterproof, winter clothing, and go to your local park for a game of pickup football. Between your winter clothing padding, inability to move through the deep snow, and a 4-foot cushion for your fall, two hand touch is not required!

3) Wii Fit. How can a video game help keep you in shape? Don’t knock it until you try it! The Wii Fit (and analogous games for other systems) combines fun and fitness while working on your balance. If you don’t have a gaming system, and don’t plan on ever buying one, good thing we have 4 other options for you!

2) Fitness videos. For a more comical time, dig out your VHS player, leg warmers, and headband, and rent a fitness video from the 80s. Jazzercise the cold away with Richard Simmons!

1) Join an intramural basketball or indoor soccer league. Most leagues have just gotten started and would love some new players. Check your local recreation department for game times.


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