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“Not Much Equipment Games”: Color Cones!

December 6, 2010

Here’s a great game suitable for children of a variety of ages, as you can easily modify the rules to increase/decrease the game’s difficulty, depending on the participants’ abilities, skills, and ages!

Ages:  2-10

Participants:  As many as you have!

Time Frame:  As long as you want!

Materials:  Lots of colorful cones, whether saucer cones, construction cones, etc. (or some sort of similar item that comes in a variety of colors – at least: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

Set-up:  Spread out all of the cones across the play area  space at random – colors in no particular order or pattern (inside: floor; outside: backyard, driveway, beach, etc.)

Color Cones can be played different ways, depending on your participants’ age and ability to understand rules for games. To start, you (and your participants) will spread the cones throughout the play space at random, so that colors are mixed up and no cones are touching one another. Next, explain the rules to the players – you will call out a specific color each round and the participants will then run over to a cone of that color. Explain that more than one child can go to a cone – children can share. The game, Color Cones, is a great way for kids to practice their colors, and also to work on physically demonstrating their understanding of mental concepts.

For older kids, simply running to a specific colored cone may not be challenging enough to hold their interest for many rounds of this game. If the children seem to understand this game easily, you can mix things up by changing the rules a bit. You can call out both a color AND a body part; for example, say, “red, elbow” – kids must then find a red cone and touch that cone with their elbow for that round. You can also mix things up by allowing different participants to choose the cone’s color each round (and body part, if playing with this rule). Feel free to modify the game to your group’s liking – there are no limits to this fun and simple game!

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