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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Working to Reverse the Childhood Obesity Epidemic by 2015!

November 22, 2010

What an incredible association the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is!  Currently the nation’s largest philanthropy working solely to better the general public’s health, it is no surprise that the RWJF is working hard to fight childhood obesity.  With an estimated 1/3 of all American children and adolescents overweight or obese today (over 23 million kids and teens!), childhood obesity is a large health concern in the US, expected to continue growing if change is not made.

The RWJF’s goal is to “reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015” by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.  The most impressive aspect of the RWJF’s childhood obesity program may be the depth of its agenda – the foundation works nationwide with a variety of associations, ranging from ones promoting healthier eating habits to those focused on improving community safety, (with hopes that communities will become more active in safer environments).  The RWJF funds efforts at the local, state, and federal level that are working to change public policies and community environments.  The plan stresses the need for change within every level of society– families, schools, extended care programs, recreation departments, grocery stores, community programs and events, public environments, and even throughout the government.  For more information on the RWJF’s strategy and efforts, as well as for ideas to promote change in your own community, check out the following website:

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