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We Need Your Help!

July 15, 2010

Last weekend Knuckle Bones lost its most recent addition to the KB Vehicle Fleet, the Subaru Outback Sport, after having only been with us for 4 short months.  Unaware of the heavy rains that fell this past Saturday afternoon, Erin had a not-so-sweet surprise when she went to the use the car on Monday.  Though the keyless entry made odd noises at her and the car windows were fogged, it wasn’t until Erin noticed the water-filled cup holders inside that she knew something was definitely not right… (Clearly, her “Nancy Drew” skills were not in full effect at the time).  Soon after Erin had made these strange discoveries, a neighbor came out and informed her that a flash flood had occurred on Saturday, submerging our beautiful, new (to us) Outback up to mid-windows in water.  Everything was soaking wet and smelled HORRIBLE!  However, the ‘nail in the coffin’ was when, as the car was pulled up onto a trailer to be towed away, water came pouring out of every crack.  From that moment on, we knew our Outback was a goner!

Now we are in search of a new (but actually used) car to replace the amazing Outback we so tragically lost this past weekend.  If you or anyone you know can help us please email us at!  We’re not picky, simply looking for a good car with great trunk space (wagon, mini-van, SUV, etc), and ‘as-good-as-possible’ gas mileage. THANK YOU from the entire KB Team!


The picture is of our late Outback, which Mitch and Erin purchased from their favorite car dealer Paul! We’d like to congratulate Paul on retiring last month. Best of luck!

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