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It’s Back! Not Much Equipment Games: Stealing Sticks

July 15, 2010

The “Not Much Equipment Games” series is starting up again!  Sorry for the short leave we took from it, but we’re back and ready for some more fun games for you all, starting with “Stealing Sticks”!

Ages: 2-100

Particpants: Minimum of 2 teams of 6 players each (so at least 12)

Time Frame: as long as it takes…!

Materials: playing field, 4-6 sticks per team (total of 8-12 sticks, depending on # of players)

Divide the players into two equal teams; line out the playing field so it has two lines about 30 to 60 feet apart.  Make an area at each end, about 6-by-10-feet, to be each team’s prison.  Place an equal number of sticks on the ground in each prison.  Space them out across the length of the prison.

Begin the game by one side sending out a player to dare the opponents to tag her.  One of the enemies start to chase her, and that person runs for home.  Home is the safe area behind the line.  If she is tagged before making it to home, she is a prisoner and must immediately go over and stand in the enemy’s prison.  She goes there alone, because the one who tagged this person gets chased by another player from her team, who goes into the playing field.  Players try to run across the field and free prisoners held by the other side.  If the player who runs across tags a prisoner, she is free.  Prisoners need to keep only one foot inside the prison, (making it easier to tag their hands).  A team must rescue all its players who are being held in prison before they can steal any of the sticks held there.  If there are no players in prison, the players try to take 1 stick at a time back to their home.  Players can’t be tagged on the way back home with a stick.

The first team to take all of the sticks from the other team wins!  Remember, always have fun, always… for the love of play!

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