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Conclusion of the “Not much equipment games” series. With Office Favorite: Dinofeed!

June 14, 2010

As the “Not much equipment games” series comes to an end we wanted to leave you with an office favorite: Dino Feed!

Ages: 2 – 5
Participants: As many as you want
Time Frame: Up to 30 min
Materials: 1 Ball (preferably) or anything else that can be thrown around. Cones (or anything) to make a circle with.
Set Up: Make a circle in the middle of your play area that can fit all of your participants standing up, no need to worry about the size too much.

This game is AWESOME, lets start with that :)! Have all of your participants sit while you explain the game. This game is all about the dinosaurs. To start with there are only two dinosaurs: the TAGasorus and the DANCEasorus. When the TAGasorus has the ball it has to chase everyone else and TAG him or her. If you were tagged you must go inside the circle you have made. If the DANCEasorus has the ball everyone must dance, if someone is not dancing they must go inside the circle. The dinosaurs can throw the ball back and forth between themselves, as the prey must pay attention and switch between running from the TAGasorus and dancing with the DANCEasorus, depending on which one has the ball. To get out of the circle all the pray must chant together “Drop that ball!” getting louder and louder. The louder the pray chant the more distracted the dinosaurs get and they drop the ball, releasing all of the pray from the circle. The great thing about this game is that you can have any and all types of Dinosaurs so have your imagination run wild! Some fun ideas to get you started: SLEEPasorus or the WALKBACKWARDSasorus. Add as many dinosaurs as you want!

On a side note, thank you for making this series such a success. It was a lot of fun sharing or games with you, we hope you have enjoyed them. Please let us know if you have used one of the games and how it went. Stay tuned for some more exciting game ideas and health & fitness tips here at your KB Blog. Remember, always have fun, always … for the love of play!

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  1. rob permalink
    April 18, 2014 11:25 am

    Great idea, thanks!

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