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Not much equipment games – “Mat Ball”

May 20, 2010

Mat Ball

Ages: 3 – 100

Participants: As many as you want

Time Frame: Up to 45 min

Materials: Ball (Softer foamy ball for younger groups), anything to make a line with (ropes, cones, etc)

Set Up: Make 4 bases (approximately 5 ft by ft) on the ground and position them exactly like a baseball field.

Mat ball is a very fun variation of Kick Ball. Once you have your field set up get all of your participants and explain to them the differences between Mat ball and Kick Ball. In Mat ball everything works like it does in kick ball, there are two teams and the pitcher must roll the ball at the kicker. If the kicked ball is caught in the air it is an automatic out. You can also get a player out by running up to them and tagging them with the ball (no throwing the ball at them), or by getting the ball to the base before the player gets there. Here is where the variations come in: you may have as many players on a base at a time as you want (this is why you wanted the larger bases). Since there can be as many players on a base as you want players are not forced to run when a teammate is coming at their base. Another variation is that once a player leaves a base he/she MUST run to the next base, there is no turning back. Also, there are no “outs”, a team’s kicking round is not over until every member has had a chance to kick, then teams switch. This game is a lot of fun, especially when it is the last “kickers” turn and there are a lot of teammates still on the bases.  Based on the number and age of participants we leave fun details like stealing bases and “Home Runs” to you. Remember, always have fun, always … for the love of play!

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