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Not much equipment games – “Stuck in the Mud” Tag

May 5, 2010

“Stuck in the mud” Tag

Ages: 2 – 100

Participants: As many as you want

Time Frame: Up to 15 minutes

Materials: None

Set Up: None

“Stuck in the mud” Tag is a very fun variation to the ever so popular game of Tag. Start by telling your participants how this game is similar but not exactly like the normal Tag, this will make them feel like the know the game and it will be easier for them to learn. Start by choosing one “tagger.” This person has to run around and try to tag people just like in the normal tag. The difference with this game is that when someone is “tagged” they have to “freeze” where they were tagged with their legs open. For this person to get “un-frozen” someone else has to crawl through his or her legs. This game can go for a while so make sure to stop it when you see the tagger getting tired. Fun variations can include making two or more people the “taggers”, guys vs girls and kids vs adults. Remember, always have fun, always … for the love of play!

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