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Not much equipment games: Endline

April 21, 2010


Ages 2 – 100

Participants: As many as you want

Time Frame: Up to 15 minutes

Materials: Something to mark a “line” with (cones, basketball court lines, etc.)

Set Up: Create two “end zones” by creating a line on the ground on opposite sides of the playing area and a half court line.

Another great game with really no set up necessary. All you will need is a field or a large area that can be run across. Designate two “endlines” on opposite sites of the field and divide the group into two. Each team starts in their own “endline” and the objective of the game is to get your entire team to the other teams “endline” before they get to yours.  When someone from an opposite team is on your team’s side, or past the midline on your side, you can tag them. Once tagged the player has to run back to their half and can then try again. Another way to play this with an older crowd is that instead of running back to their side when tagged the player has to sit down where they were tagged and only a team member can un-tag them (Once untagged the player still had to run back to their side and try again). You can run this game various times and can add fun changes like making player hop to their “endline” or make then walk/jog backwards. Stay tuned for more games that don’t require that much equipment. Always have fun, always … for the love of play!

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