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Not Much equipment Games: Spot the Lion

April 13, 2010

Spot the Lion

Ages: 2 – 7

Participants: As many as you want

Time frame: Up to 15 minutes

Materials: Tape/nametags and pen/marker

Set Up: Home bases (optional)

If you need a quick game with little to no set up and materials this is it. Line up all of your guests, shoulder to shoulder, facing you. Explain to them that they will need to close their eyes and you will come around and place a piece of tape/nametag on someone’s back with an “X”. This person is now the “Lion.” Once you tell them the can open their eyes and move around quietly looking for the Lion. Once someone finds the lion the point them out and say “I found the LION!” The Lion now can roar as he/she tries to catch the other participants. After some time you can stop the game and chose a new lion. To add to the game you can designate “safe zone’s” and anyone who is not a lion has to run to these safe zones before the Lion gets you. These safe zones can be hula hoops or a roped off area, anything you want. For larger groups you can also add more Lions. Also don’t forget to have fun with it in your own way, make everyone a lion except the birthday boy or other variations you can think of. Stay tuned for more easy to set up and little/no material games! Always have fun, always … for the love of play!

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