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Three simple tips to living longer!

March 5, 2010

Came across an interesting article while on twitter. A CBS News article was “tweeted” by Healthy Living that addressed the possibility of living longer if you were happier. Well, considering we are pretty happy people at KB, YAY :), I decided to read along to see exactly how much longer I would be living. After reading the entire 6-paragraph article, the author came to the unexciting conclusion that  “there’s no evidence that becoming happier will lower your risk of heart disease. But it couldn’t hurt.”  Well even though the author simply left it at it couldn’t hurt, I think that this is a subject that can be discussed just a little further. So I went on the search to see what actually could make you live longer, and came across a nice Top 10 list, on the Guide, of what to do if you want to shorten your life span. I wanted to point out what was in positions 3, 4 and 5 of things that will shorten you life span.

5. “Be stressed: Being stressed is a fantastic way to shorten your life. Not only does chronic stress damage tissues in the body through the continual exposure to harmful stress hormones, it also makes you no fun to be around and even interferes with your sleep. “

So if we do a little deductive reasoning, Sherlock Holmes would be proud, assuming being less stressed does make you a happier person, being a happier person does make you live longer :), take that CBS!

4. “Don’t eat fruit and vegetables: They contain substances that not only keep you healthy, but that also repair some of the damage caused by aging. When you eat them, they actually can reverse aging in your body.”

I guess mom was right when she always told me to eat my “greens,” but then again when is mom ever wrong?
The third most important things that you can do if you want to shorten your life span is:

3. “Don’t Exercise: Being a coach potato shortens your life expectancy by as much as 9 years. Basically, when your don’t workout regularly, your cells tend to age faster (not to mention the extra weight that seems to stick to you more). Not exercising is also a great way to increase your stress level while decreasing your energy level. Not exercising even helps you not fall asleep at night.”

9 Years!!! Gone just like that for not exercising. Assuming you were to live to 72, a hopeful assumption since the average life span of the world in is 67.2 (Wikipedia), that is one eighth of your life gone! It is as if three hours of everyday where simply gone because you didn’t want to exercise for 30 min a day! I think the 30 min for 3 hours is a deal that is definitely worth it!

At Knuckle Bones we are always telling you to exercise because its fun but we also tell you to do it because it’s healthy. We can’t stress enough how important it is to exercise! Do it, you only live once and at the end of the day 30 minutes won’t kill you! Three simple tips to living longer, don’t be stressed (Hard I Know), eat your fruits and vegetables and exercise! Like I said before you only live once, how bad can these three things truly be!

Top 10 List Article

CBS NEWS Article

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