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Messy Backyard

February 23, 2010

Imagine 40 four-year-old children, split up into two teams, throwing over 50 foam balls over a net trying to keep their side the “cleanest.” This is the setting for one of our most popular and fun games called Messy Backyard. With the only point of the game being to throw foam balls over a netting while keeping your side free of balls, this game will always ensure a good time. So how do you play it you ask?

You are probably going to want a big area, the bigger the group the bigger the area; make sure there are no obstacles in the area.  Split the area in two by setting up a high netting.  This is best made by stretching a rope from one side to the other and then hanging tarps from it.   Of course, using a Volleyball net with tarps is even better.  Make sure that the tarps are high enough so that the two sides can’t see each other.  The only two rules are as follows:

  • Stay on your side
  • Throw only over the net

Place one team on each side, split the balls between them and then watch them go crazy :)!  You may start and stop the game at various times and add any of the following variations:

  • Have participants play on their knees
  • Children Vs. Adults

There is no need to count the balls on each side to see who “won” because it is for the love of play not for bragging rights. No matter how you play this game you are sure to have an amazing time! Try this fun, non-stop game at your next event and let us know how much fun it was!

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