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“Let’s Move” with the First Lady

February 11, 2010

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, has just launched her campaign to fight childhood obesity and KB could not be happier! We have always seen the value in physical activity, in being healthy, in getting up and doing athletics, not only because it’s fun, but also because it is healthy. There is so much to learn from athletics, from team building to discipline, but at the end of the day it’s healthy and that is why it is so important. Especially now-a-days when video games are taking over the world by storm (not that we have anything against video games, but all in moderation) athletics are more important than ever. We are losing something even as simple as walking, as getting some fresh air. I mean how much walking do you do every day?   I know I wouldn’t do much if it wasn’t for KB, take my old job for example. I would go from my house to my car, drive to the office, sit in a chair from 9 till 5, walk to my car, drive home, sit on the couch till I went to bed. Not only was I not doing athletics I wasn’t even doing something as simple and healthy as walking.   So yes, we are loosing athletics in our lives, we are loosing our healthy habits.  This is why KB is so pleased with what Mrs. Obama is doing – leading the charge against obesity in our children

“Let’s Move” the campaign’s official name, calls out, among other things, for healthier eating habits and more exercise in our children’s routine. KB is currently working on our website’s “Health and Fitness” page that will include ways to have healthier eating habits along with ways to include athletics into the lives of children through adults. We always have been supporters of exercise, after all this is what we do.  So we applaud the First Lady and hope that you will join us to make a difference in this world to eradicate childhood obesity.

More Information can be found at: Let’s Move Official Site

Or at : Boston Globe Article

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