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…for the love of play!

February 1, 2010

…for the love of play! This is what we believe, eat, breathe and dream about at KB: playing! There is an old saying that says “Love what you do, and you won’t have to work a day in your life!” Well at KB we have not worked a single day because we love athletics, we love health, but most importantly we love playing and having a good time. At all our events we try and have the best possible time while still making them educational, healthy and athletic. This is not an attitude or our “game face” that we put on for work; it is our way of life. We are always trying to have fun in life and keep healthy while we do it! We are often asked what it is exactly our company does. We could answer: athletics program provider, an athletic program consultant or anything along those lines but what we really do, what it boils down to, is we play healthy athletic games, for fun, for the love of play! This is what we do everyday in towns and cities across MA and we can’t wait until we get the whole country playing! Not only playing because we love it, but playing because it will lead to a healthier life, a more out going life and yes, a more fun life!

So we dare you to join us! If you see a KB t-shirt on the street and recognize us, challenge us to a friendly race up a flight of stairs, instead of taking the escalator! Join us while we take the world by storm one smile/giggle/laugh/high five/jump/scream of joy at a time! Join us for the love of play!

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