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What is Knuckle Bones and why the name?

January 22, 2010

For those who still don’t know about the magic of Knuckle Bones, prepare to be amazed! Knuckle Bones is an athletic programs provider based out of Massachusetts. Or in non-fancy terms we just love to get up, get out and play games that promote healthy living but more importantly, we have fun while doing it. We have been providing fun games for over 4 years now, which is when Founder Mitch Zeisler created the company due to growing requests from mothers in the Greater Boston area. Since then the company has expanded to serve more than 400 clients and we hope to continue growing and reach a national level within the next couple of years. Whether it is playing with 30 screaming 3 year olds while they play scooter hockey or guiding 20 adults through teamwork games like Castle Ball we love to do it all! We play with children, parents, groups of parents and children, organizations, communities, camps, recreation centers, and anything else you can think of! We just love getting out there and spreading our love of play. We love to try new things, which is why we have so many different coaching specialties from martial arts to gymnastics, if we don’t have it suggest it and we’ll it :-). We have three workers in our head office and over 12 coaches, of course. So if you had to explain what KB is to a friend in a couple of words you could say, “KB is a company that plays through athletics programs that are healthy and fun for all ages.”

A few questions that we always get from people is why did we choose the name Knuckle Bones, what does it mean, and where does it come from? We know it’s a weird name and yes we have heard that when you first hear it it can bring to mind anything from a boxing club to a doctor’s office. So, why the name Knuckle Bones for a company that provides athletic programs? Well here is the insider story for the name Knuckle Bones:

Mitch, the company founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), was teaching a class in 2003. There were research projects due and the week’s topic was Ancient Greece and two children asked if they could present on Greek games. When Mitch gave the ok they gave a presentation in which they explained how children used the Knuckle Bones of sheep and lamb for almost every game to throw, roll, catch or kick. This idea stuck with Mitch for months and it was not until it came time to choose a name for this company that he decided to use this concept of Knuckle Bones. As you can see, even from its very humble beginnings Knuckle Bones has been and continues to be influenced by the imagination of children.

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